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Length: 72-Minutes
Shooting Format: 16mm, b&w film
Language: No-Dialgue
Country of Production: USA
Shot on Location in Brooklyn, Queens, New York
Director/Producer: Yasuaki Nakajima

The near future. A global disaster happened. After years of isolation, human lost ability to speak. AFTER THE APOCALYPSE is a science fiction feature film about five survivors trying to make sense of a New World after a devastating urban catastrophe challenges their basic human needs.

Set in a bleak, post-urban landscape in the aftermath of a global catastrophe, the film presents a strangely limited environment where a single woman and four men communicate without words as a result of losing ability to speak. When their pasts are erased by the catastrophe, they are forced to recreate their lives both individually and collectively.

Screened over 50 film festivals around the world, AFTER THE APOCALYPSE is a futuristic fable about coming back to life. Four men and one woman have survived a devastating urban catastrophe. They have lost everything, their past lives and the use of their tongue. Now, they must give meaning to their “new world” and restore the basics of communication. A philosophic meditation of rare beauty and simplicity.

At an uncertain time, in an uncertain place… A catastrophe has come to an end, leaving behind a trail of ruin and devastated landscapes. A man wearing rags and an oxygen mask takes a risk and leaves his bunker to seek food. During his search he finds a man, then another, and a woman… and he is confronted with a question greater than survival.