"Mesmerizing"- Michael WilmingtonCHICAGO TRIBUNEAPRIL 8, 2005
 "***"- V.A. MusettoNEW YORK POSTMarch 16, 2005
"Engaging ride."-David NgVILLAGE VOICEMarch 16, 2005
"Gentle at heart and terribly sincere. "
"A Indie film that stands out "
-Clay Dempseywww.cinephelia.comAugust, 2006
"Overwhelming power"-James Wegg JWRJuly 5, 2006
"A triumph of independent filmmaking"-Jef CastroEntertainment WeeklyJuly/2004

"Gorgeous, conveying a world similar to that of Lynch’s Eraserhead."
-Eric CamposFILM THREAT 3/12/2004

"One of the more accomplished one-man shows you’re likely to see in a theater all year."
-Matt DentlerSXSW FILM FESTIVAL3/12/2004


-Ken Fox TV GUIDEMarch, 16, 2005
 "Philosophical meditation"- Ling MaTIME OUT, CHICAGOMarch 31, 2005
"A film to be approached as an experience" (CRITIC'S PICK )-Fred Thom PLUME NOIREJune/2004
 "Striking visual aesthetic."- Todd BrownTWITCHJanuary 23, 2005
*****"A damn fine flick"
-Tracy CrockettUNSPEAKABLE MAGAZINEDecember 26 2004
 " ***** "- Christopher Arnott and Kathleen CeiFAIRFIELD COUNTY WEEKLYOct, 28, 2004
"Finest...Beautiful...Hypnotic."-Mike WhiteCASHIERS DU CINEMARTNovember, 2004
****"A fairly compelling piece of artwork"
-Scott WeinbergeFILM CRITIC3/12/2004
"A truly unique experience ... an undeniably mesmerizing allure"-Susanna UlrichLOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVALJune, 2004
***1/2"Real and uncompromising."- Jonathan W. Hickman 
"Poignant, moving, but never preachy."-Elliot GroveRAINDANCE FILM FESTIVALSeptember, 2004
"Astonishingly engrossing"SANTA FE REPORTER
December 1-7, 2004
"Disturbingly sexy"-JacksonSFIST
Feb 7, 2005
"Nakajima is off to a good start"-Michael HofsteinINDIE SLATE
November, 2004
"Stark visual beauty"-David NgVILLAGE VOICEJuly 12th, 2004
"Recognisable, understandable"-KANTISTEREOTYPEOct 6, 2004
"Devastatingly good"-Kyle FrancisGAUNTLET ENTERTAINMENTSeptember 30, 2004
"I quite enjoyed your feature. It's just the perfect viewing length as well. Excellent work."-John PiersonGRAINY PICTURESApril, 2004
"I like it"-Frank WarnerSound Creator of Raging Bull, Taxi Driver and Close Encounters of the Third KindOctober 12, 2004
"Stunning"-Albert G. NigrinFILM FESTIVAL TODAY
October, 2004
"Beautifully captures human abilities to communicate even in the absence of speech."-Laura NathanTHE INDEPENDENT MONTHLYMay 2004 issue
"Reminiscent of Chris Marker via Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker"-Nick SchagerSLANT MAGAZINE
March, 2005
"Memorable and at times gross portrait of life"-Chris CastilloPORT ARTHUR NEWSMarch, 2004
"Beautifully crafted, elegantly simple and extremely interesting film."-Nina AdamsFILM FEST NEW HAVENJuly 25, 2004
"This has become one of my favorite silent films of all time, next to 'Nanook of the North'"-ManSee Kong
ImaginAsian TVAugust, 2004
"Haunting"-J.S. GuideLiveOctober, 2004 
“This is the kind of film that may have you talking for days afterwards.” -Patrick SchweissSedona International Film FestivalOctober, 2004
"Groundbreaking and works on several levels."-Nancy MockrosNOHO>LA THE MAGAZINEJune, 2004
"Amazing film. Just fantastic. I feel this is an auteur piece and pure in its execution..."-David KeboKISMET ENTERTAINMENT GROUPAugust, 2004
"A visually stunning tale of survival"-Angela Haley and Bob MakinCOURIER NEWSJuly 8, 2004
"Unlike anything else in theatres today" -Erin PaulsonFILM MONTHLY6/10/2004
"A vastly moving experience"-Kate LawrieLOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL June, 2004
" I've found my new favorite film."SAN FRANCISCO INDEPENDENT  FILM FESTIVAL Feb 8, 2005
"After the Apocalypse conveys the raw experience of being human"-Emma GriffithsLAKE PLACID FILM FESTIVAL6/02/2004


"Nakajima, a “self-taught” filmmaker gifted with that Ed Wood knack"-Scott FoundasLA WEEKLY6/18/2004
"Hybrid mixing science fiction effects with silent movie techniques"-Bette Spero
June 4, 2004
"Monochromatic 16mm camerawork captures an end-of-the-world bleakness"-Sheri LindenTHE HOLLYWOOD REPOTERJune, 2004


"Nice work"-Christopher NullFILMCRITIC.COMJuly,2004


"Every person who sees this is likely to interpret it in their own way"-Cherryl DawsonTHE MOVIE CHICKSMarch/2004


"Crisp black-and-white cinematography is easy on the eyes"-Andy Klein LA CityBEAT / Valley BEATJUNE, 2004