"Japanese-born director Yasuaki Nakajima (who also stars) brings us a tale of the near future, set in an industrial landscape that gives us a fearful glimpse of what may very well become if our greatest fears of nuclear or chemical war come to pass.

We open on a man in a gas mask. Tentatively pushing aside the heavy metal doors of his makeshift shelter, he ventures into the strange, new, shattered world outside and, when he spots other survivors, finds that all voices have been devastated by poisonous gases. Struggling to adapt to their post-apocalyptic surroundings and loss of speech, these survivors regress inward, occupied with basic primal needs of food, clothing, shelter, companionship, and procreation. Driven more by these drives than any intellectual sensibility, they rely on the skills they posses to form alliances and conquer adversaries.

Setting aside traditional dialogue for an eerily atmospheric soundtrack, Nakajima relies on the intense ability of his actors to communicate solely with their body language and a few ape-like grunts. Filming in lush black and white, Nakajima uses this contrast to get back to basics and delivers a powerful message: Give peace a chance. A truly unique experience, AFTER THE APOCALYPSE is a daring experiment in storytelling with an undeniably mesmerizing allure"