By L.D.Alfone
BELOW THE LINE, April 2004 issue
... Across town, at Austin's legendary arthouse Dobie Theater, writer/director Yasuaki Nakajima's After the Apocalypse made its film festival premiere to an enthusiastic audience. Cinematographer Carolyn Macartney, who teaches film production at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, used an Aaton LTR 54 16mm camera with Cooke 9-50mm zoom to lens this futuristic drama about five survivors trying to make sense of a New World.

"To achieve the 16mm film's decayed, burnt-out look," says Macartney, "the film stocks of choice were Eastman Kodak Plus-X black-and-white reversal (7276), and Tri-X (7278) when there wasn't enough light. For some of the close-up and hand-held shots, I used my Bolex with Switer lenses."